During this session you will receive a Reiki Massage incorporating essential oils, crystals, sound healing, energy clearing...whatever I am intuitively guided to give you.

After your Reiki Massage we will sit together and I will offer you any Guidance and Messages that I have received for you. 

If guided I may even do an Angel Card Reading for you.

These sessions are wonderful for letting go of anything that no longer serves your highest good, giving you a clearer mind, balancing and recentering yourself.


1.5hr session...1hr Reiki Massage with 1/2hr Intuitive Guidance Session...$150


2hr session...1.5hr Reiki Massage with 1/2hr Intuitive Guidance Session...$200


This treatment is all about YOU!!

Letting go of your worries, your stress and tension in your mind, body and soul.

Starting with a 15 minute head and neck massage with a beautiful blend of calming essential oils* with organic Coconut Oil, which is so relaxing & calming, releasing all the tension around your head and neck. Then you will receive a 1hr Reiki Massage where you can drift away, allowing yourself to 'JUST BE'.  The Reiki energy will flow through your body releasing any blockages & stored emotions you no longer need to hold on to, allowing your mind, body and soul to be calm, relaxed & full of Love and Peace.

Your healing will finish with a 15 minute foot massage with a blend of Peppermint & Lavender Oil* to refresh & energise you but also give you a state of relaxation.

This package is perfect for EVERYONE!!

SESSION:  1.5hrs....$150

(*Essential oils may vary)

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