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During this session you will receive a Reiki Massage incorporating essential oils, crystals, sound healing, energy clearing...whatever I am intuitively guided to give you.

After your Reiki Massage we will sit together and I will offer you any Guidance and Messages that I have received for you, If guided I may even do an Angel Card Reading for you.

These sessions are wonderful for letting go of anything that no longer serves your highest good, giving you a clearer mind, balancing and recentering yourself.


1hr session...1/2hr Reiki Massage with 1/2hr Intuitive Guidance Session...$100



1.5hr session...1hr Reiki Massage with 1/2hr Intuitive Guidance Session...$150


2hr session...1.5hr Reiki Massage with 1/2hr Intuitive Guidance Session...$200

MIND-BODY-SPIRIT HEALING 1.5hrs...$140     2HRS...$180

Imagine yourself relaxing and receiving 2 Whole hours of Complete Healing for your MIND, BODY, SPIRIT!!

This Beautiful Healing consists of you receiving an amazing Intuituve Healing Massage incorporating ALL of the following....


.....COMPLETE clearing and recentering for your whole body on EVERY LEVEL!!

This is different to a Reiki Massage, this is the COMPLETE Healing for you, JUST FOR YOU!!




This healing session is a Full Mind, Body & Soul Healing

To begin this session you will receive a beautiful Full Body Healing

which will completely relax you with a Reiki/Energy Massage incorporating pure coconut oil, and pure essential oils which soak into your body healing and relaxing your mind, body and soul allowing yourself to release all the tension, stress and worries that you are holding onto and giving yourself permission to be free and calm within.

To finish this beautiful healing you will receive an Access Bars healing where I will work on 32 points on your head allowing your mind, body and soul to release blockages and allow your mind to feel calm, relaxed and clear.

This session is for everyone

All this for only $180!!


You will receive a 2hr FULL BODY Healing Massage combining Reiki and Massage in one!!

Allow your body to release any tension and emotions that no longer serve your highest good.

This massage will have you feeling, relaxed, calm and recentred.

INNER HEALING SESSION💞 2.5-3hrs...$300💞

Do you feel that something in your life is holding you back?

Preventing you from being your best?

Moving forward in the direction that you always imagined?

Then my new “Inner Healing Session” is just what you need!!

After many years of connecting with my clients through Massage, Reiki Healing, Intuitive Healing, Yoga and my own personal life experiences and journey. Seeing first hand the pain and hurt that people carry with them, creating energy blockages within their own bodies and ultimately stopping them from being their true selves. 

My “Inner Healing Session” will allow you to reconnect with your body and soul, heart and spirit.

I will guide you to connect with your inner truth, releasing energetic blockages that may be holding you back from living your life with joy and love.

We will begin with spending a little time chatting and connecting, allowing you to share with me how you are feeling within, and what you feel that may be holding you back.

During this session I will connect in with your energy and guide you to go deeper within. Connecting you with your innerself, body and soul, heart and spirit through a variety of healing techniques which I feel guided to for you which may include.... Massage, Reiki, Guided Meditation, Affirmations & Visual Guidance.

I will support you through this journey with truth and honour, guiding you all the way with love and support.

We will finish this session with taking time to chat and have a cup of tea, share an angel card reading, while allowing yourself to reconnect with your mind, body & soul.


If you feel it is time to move forward, to connect on a deeper level with yourself, then this is the session for you.

If you would like to know more, please reach out to me and we can chat further.

M: 0418 715 637

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