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This Healing Modality is one of the latest therapies being introduced to heal trauma and its negative effects. As the name suggests, this therapy is about getting to the Root-cause of your current presenting issues.


Root-Cause Therapy is a powerful trauma healing method, which allows the completion and release of unprocessed emotions which are still presently causing unwanted thoughts, negative behaviours and repetitive choices that are keeping you stuck.


Do you find yourself experiencing negative self-talk, unhelpful habits and behaviours or perhaps PTSD and procrastination from low self-belief because of painful events in the past or anxieties and worries about the future? 


It’s time to not only talk about the issues - but to start to heal them on a deeper level where real long term change is possible. 


This type of healing creates a space for you to unravel why you do, think or feel the way you do - and discover and shift any unwanted patterns consciously, with you in the driving seat along with the knowledge and guidance of your therapist, Shannon.


This is done through resolving underlying patterns, choices, trauma, emotions and future projections that are blocking or limiting you.


Are you ready to Heal yourself and Live Your Best Life


If unsure, try a single session to discover it for yourself.

This is a great option if unable to purchase a 6 Session Pack, paying weekly for sessions.

This Session is best used monthly after a 6 Session Pack to continue to work on any other issues that may present.



Reach out to me and lets chat, or book yourself in and lets start this deep inner jourey.

Each session will be up to 2hrs. Sessions are required to be held 10-14 days apart (dates will be organised after 1st session)

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